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INSANE POTENTIAL – Top 6 Crypto Coins Set to EXPLODE!

Disclaimer, this article is meant to be informative in nature. Do not misconstrue this as being official financial or investment advice because it’s not.  Making an investment in cryptocurrencies is risky and speculative. This article is not an advice by BlackBookCrypto or the author to spend money on cryptocurrencies.

To make the most of any bear market, you really just need two things: a list of altcoins that will explode in the next bull run, and the best time to buy these coins.

You can get your hands on some of these top coins on Binance at heavily discounted prices due to the bear market.

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BNB is a household name among the altcoins on this list. It’s the coin that makes the Binance exchange what it is, and it’s the lifeblood of that platform. 

You can use it to trade and pay fees on the exchange. A BNB holder can get a 25% discount on spot and margin trading fees and a 10% discount on future trading fees.

How To Earn Passive Income With BNB

  1. You can lock it in the BNB vault. This combines rewards from flexible savings and the launch pool. It offers very competitive returns that can add up to a nice overall reward. 
  1. Another option is to stake BNB in flexible staking.  The current reward is at 3.59% APR. This also means that you have the flexibility of being able to unlock it at any time.
  1. The final option is locked staking for up to 120-days. You can now get an 11.99% reward or APR when you lock your BNB in for 120-days. 

BNB is down today along with Bitcoin and the rest of the market, but it still sits at $267 and commands a market cap of over $43 billion.

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Coming in at coin number two and we’re going to consider this from the perspective of rewards and discounts is GLMR. This is the Moonbeam native token, and it’s also the utility token that does just about the same as ETH does on the Ethereum chain. However, you can also stake it and it lives in the Polkadot ecosystem.

How to stake GLMR?

Binance currently offers four different staking options:

  • you can stake GLMR for 120-days and receive a 59.8% APR with a max of 20 GLMR
  • 90-days and receive 27.4% with a max of 20 GLMR 
  • 60-Day and 
  • 30-day staking options but those are currently sold out due to the popularity of this offering

GLMRs price currently sits at 47 cents and is ranked a little bit lower in terms of the crypto hierarchy when compared to the other entries on this list. It’s currently ranked number 133, which equates to a market cap right now of just above $200 million. So, this is a relatively low market cap altcoin.


Coin number three with which to get great rewards and discounts is ROSE. This is the native utility and settlement token for Oasis Protocol. 

Binance staking offers

  • 120-days at 27.38%
  • 30-days at 4.8%
  • 90-day and 
  • 60-day slots which unfortunately are already sold out. 

ROSE token is currently at 5.5 cents and commands a market cap of $280 million. 

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Mina protocol claims to be the lightest blockchain in the world. MINA is the native token that’s used for payment settlements. 

Binance staking offers

  • at 120 days you have 29.79%, that’s with 100 tokens 
  • At 90-days you have 25.4%  with 60 tokens
  • at 60-days you have 16.9% with 600 tokens
  • and for 30-days 10.8% with up to 100,000 tokens

MINA sits currently at 53 cents and its valuation at $378.5 million is relatively close to Oasis protocol.

Here are some of the smaller caps that are very interesting and are great projects with even more upward potential.


LIT, which is Litentry is a decentralized cross-chain identity aggregator. They can link multiple user identities across many different networks. 

Binance staking offers

  • 18.97%  for 90-days with a maximum of 40 LIT
  • 60-days and
  • 30-days are sold out because this is a fairly popular project

LIT is ranked number 482 across the crypto hierarchy or ranking. Its market cap is only $27 million.  According to Altcoin Buzz “There are a lot of fundamentals here that we approve of in this project, and it just has a lot of room to grow.”


ONT is the staking token of Ontology and on Binance the reward is actually in ONG, the utility or gas token on Ontology. They protect your data and identity through encryption.

Binance Staking offers for ONT and ONG ontology

  • 120-days at 20.38% with a max of 300 ONT
  • 90-days (sold out)
  • 60-days (sold out)
  • 30 days, you’re getting a return in ONG of 5.21% with a max of 50,000 ONT

ONT for Ontology is not the smallest of small caps. It’s probably mid-range. It’s currently sitting at 20.40 cents with a market cap of $177.6 million. 

But ONG, that’s for Ontology gas that is the reward token that’s used for the staking, currently at 30.7 cents, is much smaller with a market cap of $98.9 million. 

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