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HOTTEST NETFLIX Anime NFT for Crypto Newbies!!

Photo credit to Netflix


NFT’s really have been one of the wildest trends sweeping the internet since back in 2021, even earlier but it’s likely that you have still yet to dip your toes into the NFT craze. 

But why is that? What’s stopping you?                              

Does the complexity of buying an NFT, perhaps the wallets, or the security concerns scare you away?  

Or maybe it’s the high gas fee issue? 

What if I were to tell you that we can purchase an NFT today with zero gas fees and you can store it without the use of a crypto wallet? In fact, this NFT is removed from cryptocurrency entirely. 

In this article, I will also tell you how you can avail yourself of a 20% discount on these NFTs.


One of the biggest anime studios in Japan, WIT Studios released a new anime show in May of 2022, which was streamed on Netflix. It’s called “Vampire in the Garden.” 

It’s getting a lot of great acclaims right now and has a 7 on 10 IMDb rating, and has been very popular.


UCOLLEX is a marketplace and a platform for collectors where you can buy, sell, and even show off both digital and physical collectibles. They are launching a card collection of “Vampire in the Garden.” It’s a special drop and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

What makes this unique is that you don’t need a wallet. No keys to remember, no gas fees. All you need is a credit card for purchasing purposes, and you can buy your NFTs directly with your credit card. 

Right now, it’s only available on mobile, but a desktop version will follow. 

In addition, with a Quest, you can also get physical cards. Those cards are officially licensed by WIT STUDIO

Here we have a unique set of 12,000 packs or 36,000 digital cards. The cards also have some extra features as well. These unlock when they reach specific community goals, and the collection is gamified. 

But with so many cards out there, how exactly do you decide, which is the right one to buy?

First and foremost, to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you need to buy a pack and each pack will come with three different cards. The team at ALTCOIN BUZZ has negotiated a special 20% discount for you from that retail price. Just enter VGAB20 in the code section when buying the cards.

So when you buy a pack, you’re going to receive three random cards. Here’s your chance to get a common, uncommon, or even rare card in terms of tiers in your pack. 

Common Cards represent 75% of the supply and your common card is going to give you two points

Uncommon Cards represent 17.5% of the supply and those give you 10 points

Rare cards are at 7.5% and will give you 25 points. 

The fourth card tier Epic is not available for purchase in the pack. The only way you can get it is by completing a quest.

When you complete a quest, you can get an epic digital card or a physical card. 

How do you complete a quest? 

You complete a quest by collecting points that you get from buying character packs. 

Digital Epic Cards have four characters and each card is 100 points. You need to collect 100 points to redeem one digital epic card. 

There are only 1000 of these cards available: 

  • MOMO
  • FINE 

Physical Cards have five characters and points range from 30 to 50 points. 

You can redeem:

MOMO/FINE cards for 50 points

NOBARA/ALLEGRO cards for 40 points

CONNIE card for 30 points

You will receive physical cards directly in our home. They’re going to come with express shipping and each has a protective card holder with a surprise inside. In total there are only 1,250 physical cards available.

You can sell these cards on secondary markets. By purchasing a character card pack, you’re going to automatically collect the points. You can also collect points from secondary sales meaning if a person opens, let’s say a rare card and gets 25 points he/she can resell it, and the buyer will also get 25 points.

There are no restrictions on how many times a card can be sold or restrictions on the number of points gained. 

For reselling cards, you’ll need to open a pack and transfer the single cards.

Extra Rewards and Community Features

There are extra features that you can unlock when you together with the community buy a certain number of packs. These community goals have all kinds of extra features and rewards, and the community will need to work together to unlock the extra features. 

For example, each time the community reaches a certain landmark, and how many packs are sold, new and exciting features will unlock.

For example, when 1000 packs are sold, 10 lucky character card owners are going to receive one physical card selected at random. These cards are normally worth 40 or 50 points.

When 3000 packs are achieved or sold, it will unlock the card album where everyone can see the whole collection of what’s available including epic and physical cards.

6000 packs will activate a GIF animation on all digital cards. However, the card loses the animation when you transfer it out of the UCOLLEX platform.

At 10,000 packs, five lucky cardholders will win a VIP ticket to LA Comic-con in December 2022. These are worth at least $500 each. It’s a big event and you can go yourself or sell them on the secondary markets.

When 12,000 packs are sold, UCOLLEX will airdrop one digital original sketch from WIT STUDIO to all character card owners. They will receive a copy signed by the animators.

This is a truly unique NFT that is only valid for original owners, not if you bought a pack on a secondary market. 

All of these community goals can be tracked very easily on the landing page of the app. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get officially licensed physical and digital cards from one of the biggest anime studios in Japan, WIT Studio.

These cards are the only official cards for the very popular “Vampire in the Garden” series featured on Netflix. 

If you’re a collector as well as an anime fan, this could be a spectacular addition to your collection. If you choose to resell it, you can easily do so on all secondary marketplaces. 

The retail price is very low with only 14.99 usd per pack of three digital cards. 

There is already high demand from some institutional buyers even before the launch.

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