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About Black Book Crypto

Even after cryptocurrency has proven itself as a revolution in the financial market, it is still facing many hurdles and challenges in the world. Cryptocurrency is being pushed back by significant world organizations. Recently, Bitcoin saw its biggest downfall in May 2021. 

Bitcoin was at its all-time high price of around $65k, and on May 19, 2021, it dropped down to $30k. Multiple factors have caused this recent volatility, and central authorities like banks and the government played a huge role.

One of the significant reasons for Bitcoin’s price decline was the crackdown of local Chinese governments across the country against crypto miners. The Chinese government and regional banks have justified their actions by providing multiple reasons. 

However, I do not think those reasons were valid enough to make such a major crackdown against cryptocurrencies. My name is Joseph Giove, and I am a crypto investor and researcher since 2016. 

I am on duty to understand the mystery of the world’s financial system and why they feel threatened by cryptocurrencies. For ages, banks and governments are the dominant authorities and have central control over the world’s financial market. 

With the launch of the cryptocurrency, banks and governments felt threatened due to the features that it has to offer. Government and banks all around the world are trying to justify their actions by giving excuses. 

However, I believe there is an entirely different reason for all this drama in the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency is famous for being a decentralized system. Banks and governments have no control over it, and it takes away their authority and control from the financial market. 

My mission is to understand the underlying propaganda of these authorities and why they are trying their best to bring down cryptocurrencies. 

Therefore, with the help of this platform, we are providing an underground source of information about the crypto industry using white hat methods to unveil the secrets of central authorities and teach beginners and experts about cryptocurrency and how it works. 

Our goal is to increase the awareness in public about cryptocurrency and how it can lead the world towards freedom from the restricted financial system. Our team works hard to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date news about the cryptocurrency world. 

My previous work on this platform is informational, and hundreds of people have already learned from it. Our content is based on our undying passion for delivering unbiased news and reports. Through this platform, we will provide you with basic knowledge about cryptocurrency necessary to understand the system. 

We will also be teaching you how to invest and where to invest in the crypto market. I firmly believe that cryptocurrency has the potential to rule the financial market, and it can provide us with the control that we only hoped for. 

It is predicted that cryptocurrency will soon become a significant part of our everyday life, and we are working hard to raise awareness about cryptocurrency, so no one remains uneducated. 

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