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BIGGEST Event in Metaverse – The Sandbox Alpha Season…and Ethereum merge ahead of schedule?

Summer of Optimism

Summer is almost over, but ETHEREUM layer two scaling solution Optimism has been packing in a punch with a bunch of updates in the last few months. 

In the platform, self-declared Summer of Optimism, 12 of the network’s 43 projects have been on a roll with transactions per day being up 43% in the last three months, bridging over $725 million from layer one to Optimism and having its total value locked cross the billion-dollar mark. There are still 31 more projects to launch their season one incentives. 

So imagine how those would add to Optimism’s bottom line.

Ethereum Merge Ahead of Schedule

The Merge could be happening sooner than it is supposed to be. 

The Ethereum Foundation says that the proof-of-stake transition could be ready as early as September 10, but also as late as September 20, because technology is unpredictable. But this announcement is not another projected date headline. 

Ethereum developers say that all public test nets have been successfully upgraded. 


The first phase of the merge is scheduled for September 6. Once that Bellatrix phase is launched, then the foundation will wrap up the merge with the final Paris phase that will be rolled out between the 10th and 20th

Ethereum has also approved a new proposal to introduce bonds to the network, which would operate on ERC 3475 standards.

Coinbase has squeaked in a new liquid staking offering on its exchange for wrapped staked Ether just in time for the merge in a few weeks. 

The Sandbox Launches Alpha Season 3

SANDBOX has officially launched Alpha Season 3, and it’s upping the ante with the most experiences to date.

Alpha Season 3 packed over 90 solo and multiplayer experiences for users, which will be revealed over 10 weeks.  

This season will put the SANDBOX’S inter-operability on full display, with users having the capability to integrate even more NFT avatars and digital assets and access to a new KYC system. 

If you’re a top player on the SANDBOX, the platform is dishing out 1.5 million sand tokens for its leaderboard. 

vEMPIRE is also  making some moves with the SANDBOX Alpha Season 3

The largest MetaVerse, GameFi and NFT investment ecosystem is also on board with a number of other collaborations, like Atari, Ledger, Bored Ape, and DJ Dead Mouse.

vEmpire is sweetening the deal with triple-time rewards for its SAND token stakers for the next month. 

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