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5 Easy Mindsets to Attract More Money

For 35 years I have helped people change their mindsets to manifest their desires. I am a clinical hypnotist and researcher whose passion is to help people break through stuck thought patterns to gain more health, vitality, love, and money.

You see, the Law of Attraction is based on the Laws of the Mind. Here are some basic tenants of the Laws of the Mind:

  • Whatever you focus upon expands.
  • Whatever thought is held dominant in your mind is what the body attracts.
  • Mind creates feelings and feelings are more powerfully attractive than thoughts.
  • Once an idea has been accepted by the unconscious mind, it remains until it is replaced by another idea.
  • Wherever your attention goes, so does your energy.

Now let’s put these laws in action. Here are 5 easy mindset shifts to attract more money and abundance in your life.

1. Release Limiting Beliefs and Thought Patterns

We unknowingly adopt and accept limiting thought patterns and beliefs in early childhood from parents, teachers, and other early authority figures. This is because our young brains hadn’t developed enough to gauge and contextualize what we learned. Now your brain is developed, and you can choose what to believe or not. It’s time to shed those old, worn-out, non-serving thought patterns and beliefs by doing the following simple release practice.

Take an 8.5 X 11-inch sheet of paper, make two columns side by side. Writing on paper is better than typing on a device as it engages more relevant brain centers. On the left side write down every single negative belief you have about money. These feed your negative thought patterns. In the right column, next to each limiting belief, write down the first-person, present tense, OPPOSITE of the limiting beliefs. These will feed your money and abundance attraction thought patterns.

Example of old belief: Making money takes hard work. Example new belief: I enjoy my passionate pursuits that bring me an abundance of money and wealth.

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2. Upgrade Your Mental Operating System

Now we need to upgrade your thought patterns. Every night as you’re going to sleep, read the positive, present-tense statements with the feeling of what it will feel like when you realize those desires. When you wake in the morning, first thing, read them again, with feeling.

You may also record on your phone your own voice reading the statements 10 times with feeling, then play them back as you are going to sleep and waking up. Do these thought pattern upgrades for at least 21 days. This is re-programming your deep mind and subconscious to align with the new thought patterns. It’s okay to update the positive statements as the upgrade is taking place.

3. Vision to Intentions to Goals

As your mental operating system is being upgraded, allow a vision to emerge for your life, not just about money but all aspects of how you want to be and live. Also include relationships, love, free time, recreation, service work, intellectual challenge, self-improvement, growth, etc. These are the soft, intangible aspect of life’s balance sheet.

Let this vision then drive your intentions, clearly stated and in writing, in the first-person, present tense, e.g., I am enjoying $5,000 (or $50,000 or $500,000…) monthly income, working 25 hours a week, sending my children to private school, following my passions for XXX, and enjoying lots of free time for traveling with my life partner.

Feel these clearly stated intentions like the outcome is imminent or already present, so they contain huge amounts of your positive emotional energy. These intentions then form your specific goals that you will realize in specified time frames, like your goals for the next month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, etc.

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4. Take Right Action

Be like the cosmic fisherman who casts his bait (your personal attractive energy fueled by your positive emotions and vision) into the water (the 3-D world of nature and woman/man), remains active and aware for signs of his catch (the manifestation of your vision), patiently passing the time enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way (your life’s circumstances), as he reels in his catch.

He does NOT dive in the water chasing the fish.  He does NOT rock the boat with frantic motion and scattered activity. He does NOT keep changing his bait. He does NOT always keep his motor running. He takes calm, deliberate action aligned with his mission. He stays focused on the task at hand. And he enjoys the ride and the act of fishing!

5. Enjoy a Gratitude Attitude

Gratitude is a wonderfully attractive universal force because it directs your personal energy to the goodness you have rather than what you lack. Remember: what you focus upon expands. Gratitude helps you focus on expanding the good in your life. A scarcity or fearful mindset focuses on what you lack. Do you really want to be expanding that? Feel gratitude for the imminent manifestation of your vision. Appreciate every little bit of success along the way. If things aren’t going well, hold fast to your vision while remaining calm and diligent in making adjustments along the way. Adopt a gratitude attitude toward life and watch the goodness grow!

Happy Attracting!


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