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Crypto Grid Bot Training Review – Bitsgap vs Pionex vs 3commas

Crypto grid bot platforms are the hottest trend in automated trading for passive income. The right bot, on a solid platform, with the proper setup parameters can earn a decent regular return, be an asset in any diverse portfolio, and easily outpace trading in equity markets.

While there are some excellent grid bot trading systems, only an advanced, experienced trader can jump in, set up a series of bots, and start making money on automatic.

As simple as “automated bot trading” sounds, for most traders, especially beginners, the process of screening for high volatility cryptocurrency coin pairs to trade, technically analyzing the trade set up parameters (entry, stop loss, take profit targets, and grid spacing, etc.), and evaluating ongoing performance can be daunting. And trying to shortcut the strategic setup only increases your chances of failure and therefore losses.

The Crypto Grid Bot Platform with the Best Training

That’s why in this article I review the platforms with the best training and support to get you from your first bot to a profitable portfolio covering multiple pairs that can give you stable, successful daily returns regardless of the high volatility in the crypto space.

I cover the training offerings of the three most popular crypto grid bot trading platforms. I determined popularity by search volume. In other posts I dive deeper into the functionality and features of some of these, but this post is about how to pick one that can give the greatest opportunity for success.

“Since the three most popular grid bot trading platforms are substantially equal in terms of features and functionality, the training and support becomes the decisive factor for driving success.”

I have evaluated many grid bot platforms and used almost as many. Doing anything in the crypto space is incredibly nuanced, convoluted, and complex. This complexity becomes a barrier to entry for many people who are used to traditional investment platforms. This barrier also creates the enormous opportunity that lies in store for the persistent and the diligent.

That’s also why in this article I will summarize what I’ve learned and present you with my top pick and save you from the hundreds of hours I’ve spent figuring all this out.

What is Cryptocurrency Grid Bot Trading?

Automated grid trading is a strategy that takes advantage of short timeframe crypto price movements between selected coin pairs by placing strategic limit buy and sell orders. The idea, obviously, is to buy low and sell high in the short term.

Hundreds of different trading strategies can be executed in grid trading based on the number of grids, grid width or spacing, coin pairs, time charts, price movements, and crypto trends.

Grid traders set lower and upper limits in a grid where they execute buy and sell orders. If the price drops below the lower limit in a grid, a buy order is executed. If the price rises above the upper limit in a grid, a sell order is executed.

The buy and sell action of grid trading is automated by the bot and allows traders to profit in sideways price action, trade 24/7, and profit without constantly monitoring price movements. Through the bot, a trader can set and execute dozens or even hundreds of automatic buy/sell limit orders in micro-time, which would be difficult if not impossible to do manually. This allows them to minimize risk and maximize chances of profitability.

Crypto Grid Bot Trading Basic Training

Since all three crypto bot trading platforms referenced here have basic bot training through their:

– Knowledge base

– Text and video tutorials

– YouTube, Telegram, Twitter, Medium, Discord, Reddit, and Facebook channels

– Copy Trading (following other traders’ signals and parameters)

I give here my evaluation of their premium educational and support offerings. Considering the giant time suck studying anything crypto incurs, and since our time is valuable, I want us to get proficiency status as quickly as possible. That means learning from the experts who are doing what we want to accomplish.

And that experience, knowledge, and support comes at a cost, hence, the premium training.

Premium Crypto Grid Bot Training

Below are the premium educational and training offerings for the three most popular crypto grid bot trading platforms. None of them offer premium, hands-on coaching or training directly, but two of them, Bitsgap and 3commas, have solid third-party programs.


Bitsgap has their basic support, tutorials, and knowledge base offerings, all of which are very good. However, a world-renowned crypto bot millionaire, Dan Hollings, offers a comprehensive crypto bot training program that uses Bitsgap, called The Plan.

Dan was a pioneer in mobile marketing, the marketing strategist for the blockbuster “The Secret,” and an Amazon seller coach whose top students generate over $1 million a month.

The Plan’s goal is to create automated passive income. It includes complete understanding of the crypto landscape, live trainings, specialized software, detailed instructions on bot/trade setups, automation settings, tracking, crypto screener for locating low-risk crypto currency pairs, savings and reserve strategies, 24/7/365 support, an active community, and much more. Dan shows students turning their initial capital into 2X, 5X, and 10X returns and more.

Dan only opens The Plan for enrollment 2 or 3 times a year. So next time it opens, you can watch a full-length webinar at no charge explaining all the details.


I looked long and hard for premium education and training for Pionex beyond their basic support, tutorials, and knowledge base offerings, all of which are very good. Their social channels are well-populated and active. While they have limited live chat and email support, there is no ongoing support and no one to help you get started, or while you are in the middle of a bot setup…or one that’s going south. These options may be satisfactory for advanced traders but for everyone else, getting through the learning curve will be piecemealed through their various channels. Very time consuming and prone to error.

If any reader is aware of premium education offerings for Pionex, please leave a message in the comments and I will review it.


Beyond their basic support, tutorials, and knowledge base offerings, all of which are very good, one 3commas’ affiliate Ambassadors, Moonin Papa, offers a bot trading training program that’s pretty good called Mastering Passive Income. It offers 18 hours of pre-recorded content, strategy instruction, key rules for using technical analysis, two 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions, and 6-month access to an indicator service.

My Choice for Crypto Grid Bot Training

All bot promoters and platforms use the term “set and forget” as a selling point. And maybe other people are smarter than me but, in my experience, getting reliable passive income from crypto bots takes time, learning, diligence, monitoring, and money (starting capital). So, forget “set and forget” and plan on investing focused attention and some startup capital (including the training) to get your passive income streams flowing through your crypto trading bots.

It can be done and is very rewarding when you succeed.

That’s why my choice for crypto trading bot training is Dan Hollings’ The Plan. If you value your time as I do, spending a few more dollars or euros getting the right education from a world-class trader with software, support, and a platform designed for success is way worth it.

The Plan, Crypto Grid Bot Traning by Dan Hollings

I am affiliated with most platforms and various training programs, so my endorsement of any of them earns me a small “thank you” commission, and that commish allows me to research and write these reports. Because of this, I am not motivated by endorsing one over the other; I want to save you the struggle, pain … and losses … that I have had learning how to crypto bot trade. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or beginner, The Plan is what I suggest if you want to earn passive income quickly and reliably through crypto trading bot automation.

“It’s not how much you spend, it’s how much you make that counts.”

Dan’s 10,000+ students worldwide are testament to this truism, with life-changing money on the table for those who seize the opportunity.

Click here to register for Crypto Swap Profits Mastermind.

My best to you!


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