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TOP 10 BEST Crypto Telegram Channels

Staying up to date with the crypto market is crucial if you’re serious about making gains. Since there is so much information out there, it can be hard to keep up. To get authentic and useful information, it is necessary to know about top crypto Telegram channels.  In this article, you will learn about the top 10 crypto Telegram channels and   how these channels can help you to get an edge in the crypto market.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps in crypto. This is simply because it’s easy to use, provides some degree of privacy and is effectively free of the sort of censorship you find on big tech platforms. These conditions have created a free flow of information that is arguably unparalleled on the internet.

Telegram has close to 2 billion downloads and more than half a billion monthly users. This degree of freedom is a double edged sword because Telegram can also be a breeding ground for scams and misinformation. 

In the context of crypto currencies, there’s no shortage of pump and dump groups on telegram, fake telegram channels for crypto influencers, and the classic crypto customer service impersonators who will message you when you ask a question in a crypto telegram group. 

You need to be extremely careful about the telegram groups you join especially when they’re related to crypto. 

Pro Tip: If someone you don’t know, messages you, block them, full stop, no questions asked. 

Group Vs. Channel

It is also important to make the distinction between a group and a channel. Channels are quite simply read only and one way methods of communication. Most of those that are recommended today are channels, which mean that one won’t be able to comment on them. The absence of constant comments not only makes it much easier to sift through information, it also significantly lowers the risks of scams. 

TOP 10 BEST Crypto Telegram Channels

  1. ICO Analytics: 

ICO Analytics provides frequent updates about up and coming Cryptos including recent VC funding rounds, exchange listings, and even upcoming events for crypto projects. Their admins often post in the channel almost immediately after the official announcement has been made. This means that if you’re paying attention to the channel, it gives you a good chance of getting ahead of an upcoming crypto pump. ICO analytics is also an amazing place to find promising crypto projects that have flown under the radar or have yet to come on the radar at all. 

The only real downside to ICO analytics is that the admins don’t post too frequently and the scope of the crypto they cover seems to be somewhat limited. Also, ICO analytics post anything about a shit coin and that says a lot given the endemic shilling of ship coins in these kinds of crypto telegram channels. 

  1. Metaverse NFTs News: 

NFT’s news is a sort of NFT news aggregator in this regard. The admins take juicy NFT news from crypto media, mainstream media and even alternative media and summarize it in a few sentences. Since they always provide a source for what they said you can go and read the full article yourself if you’re interested.

The only issue with Metaverse NFT’s News is the same with ICO analytics, the admins don’t post too frequently. The scope of the NFT collections they cover is pretty limited. Ideally, the admins should cover up and coming NFT collections as well (maybe they will).

  1. Disclose. TV:

The third crypto telegram channel on the list is Disclose TV. Even though it’s quite popular in the crypto community not everyone is a fan of Disclose TV. For context, Disclose TV is one of the largest alternative media accounts on Twitter. And it also operates one of the largest alternative media accounts on telegram. 

Although, Disclose TV almost always provides a source for the stuff they tweet or post, they don’t always do so. As a result, not everything that was shared in the past has been accurate. To be fair, though, most of these inaccuracies involve events that are political in nature. One should care about more on info that will help with crypto, such as inflation, and employment figures. This is the kind of stuff that Disclose TV dishes out on the daily. The admins consistently push updates within minutes of their official announcements and sometimes, even before the mainstream media has picked up on the news. 

Disclose TV helps one to get ahead of a crypto pump on many occasions just like ICO analytics. The difference is that disclose TV also posts about news that’s negative for the crypto market, which means that it is able to hedge holdings before a big dip on many occasions as well. 

Link of Disclose. TV: https://t.me/disclosetv

  1. 100eyes crypto Scanner:

The fourth crypto telegram channel on the list is 100eyes Crypto Scanner. 100eyes Crypto Scanner is probably the most underrated crypto telegram channel out there. It might also be the most underrated crypto Twitter account. 100eyes Crypto Scanner is a bot that automatically detects abnormal price action among crypto currencies. Abnormal price action includes stuff like a sudden pump or dump on short timeframes, or when prices approach significant zones of price support and or resistance. 100eyes Crypto Scanner detects bullish and bearish divergences between price and the RSI on medium timeframes. If you’re a technical analysis trader, you’ll know that this kind of information is the equivalent of being given free money because divergences are some of the most powerful indicators out there.

Unfortunately, the 100eyes Crypto Scanner telegram channel is limited to the four largest crypto currencies and that means it won’t be much of a help, if you’re chasing alt coin gains.

Link of 100eyes crypto Scanner: https://t.me/CryptoScanner100eyes

  1. Whale Alert

The fifth crypto telegram channel on the list is Whale Alert. Whale Alert is a bot that tracks large crypto currencies transactions and its twitter account is well known for tracking the massive USDT mints by tether that we tend to see when the market is volatile. However, the most important large crypto currencies transactions are those that involve coins or tokens going to or from a crypto currencies exchange. This is because, if someone is sending a large amount of crypto to an exchange, chances are they’re about to sell. Conversely, if someone is crypto from an exchange, chances are they’re not going to sell anytime soon. This means that these whale movements can be a strong predictor of whether a particular crypto is about to pump or dump. 

The only caveat to this incredible method is that arbitrage bots which watch the block-chain will beat you to it almost every time so there’s really no use in trying. That’s why, you can just use Whale Alert to get a sense of how the crypto market is moving on any given day, and also the sentiment of the largest traders. While the Whale Alert telegram channel is also limited to the largest crypto currencies. This is more than enough given that BTC alone moves most of the rest of the crypto market. 

Link of Whale Alert:   https://t.me/whale_alert_io

  1. Glassnode:

The sixth crypto telegram channel on the list is Glassnode. Glassnode is an on chain analytics platform which features dozens, if not hundreds of unique on chain indicators. 

What’s awesome about the Glassnode telegram channel is that the admins post a mix of unchained indicator updates along with insights as to what they could mean for the crypto market. Some of these updates also contain links to in depth YouTube videos and blog posts and research reports by Glassnode. This conveniently exposes additional on chain indicators that may work better with certain crypto currencies or under certain market conditions. 

The only problem is that the Glassnode telegram channel admins almost never post. You can also follow folks like crypto coins Ki Young Ju on Twitter to add some extra flair to your on chain insights, also pay attention to what other crypto youtubers are seeing and saying. 

Link of Glassnode:                 https://t.me/glassnode

  1. Rekt News:

The seventh crypto telegram channel on the list is Rekt News. As the name suggests, Rekt News keeps track of all the scams, rug pools, exploits hacks and other unsavory stuff that unfortunately goes on in the crypto space. Given how widespread these incidents are these days, it’s certainly useful to have a channel that keeps you up to date with what’s going on, so you can get your assets out on time. It seems that Rekt News updates often come after the fact as these so called Dark Web defy journalists need time to gather the facts. 

This fact finding happens in real time in the Rekt HQ group, which you should also check out, if you crave crypto chaos, or interested in contributing. In any case, Rekt News’s posts and pieces have helped shed light on recent incidents like the Wonderland revelation.

Reading this kind of content ultimately will help sharpen your own approach to crypto projects in general since it reveals additional red flags that would otherwise have been forgotten or never found in the first place. 

Just bear in mind, though, that the Rekt News telegram channel is fairly new, so it might be best to follow them on Twitter for the time being. 

Link of Rekt News:        https://twitter.com/RektHQ

  1. Lunar Crush Announcements:

The eighth crypto telegram channel on the list is Lunar Crush Announcements. Luna Crush is a sentiment analysis platform. In plain English, it tracks how people are feeling about specific crypto currencies, using social media posts, news articles, and other publicly available data. This is more significant than you think because at the end of the day, what causes a crypto to pump or dump is how people feel about a coin or token. 

Fun fact, human emotion is actually what underlies all the technical analysis patterns that traders use. And this means that sentiment based indicators are on the cutting edge of price forecasting. While not all the updates in the lunar crust telegram cover as much ground in that regard, the admins always post a list of the top 10 crypto currencies with the most social engagement on that day. When you see a crypto you hold as part of your crypto portfolio on that list, you must know that it’s time to take a closer look at the price and see if there’s an opportunity to take profits on a speculative pump. 

The only thing that sucks about the lunar crush telegram channel is that the crypto currencies with the highest sentiment scores are often shit coins. This means you might have to sift through a few posts before you find one that’s relevant to the crypto you hold in your portfolio. Lunar Crush also doesn’t cover Crypto with the most dismal sentiment scores, which is unfortunate because that’s typically the best time to allocate to them, at least according to Warren Buffett. 

Link of Lunar Crush Announcements: https://t.me/lunarcrush

  1. Airdrop:

The ninth crypto telegram channel on this list is Airdrop. An airdrop is when you’re given free crypto. Usually, this free crypto is given in exchange for doing something such as sharing the project’s page with friends, staking on a specific block chain or even just holding a popular crypto currency like BTC or ETH. This is a general Airdrops telegram channel, but you can also find an airdrop channel that’s specific to the crypto ecosystem you’re interested in. This is partly because the general airdrops telegram channel doesn’t include every Airdrop there is. Lower quality crypto projects require some extra research. 

One can stick to the Cosmos Airdrop news telegram channel. And this is for a few reasons.

First, it’s very bullish on the cosmos ecosystem, because it’s clear that the future of crypto currency is multi chain. 

Second, almost every project in the cosmos ecosystem exists on its own block chain. This means that it doesn’t make economic sense to create a low quality crypto project for quick gains. 

Finally, Cosmos projects have a history of offering accessible, equitable and lucrative airdrops. In other words, staking cosmos as ATOM coin in a compatible wallet is often the only requirement. The Airdrop itself goes to a substantial amount of ATOM holders, and the resulting network effect combined with project quality creates actual value for the airdrops coin.

However, this doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to make money from airdrops in the cosmos ecosystem, or any other crypto ecosystem for that matter. You always need to do your research and place your bets on the projects you think have the most potential.

Link of Airdrop:           ttps://t.me/Airdrop

Link of Cosmos Airdrop:       https://t.me/CosmosAirdropsNews

  1. Coin Bureau Insider:

Coin Bureau Insider includes a quick rundown of the top crypto headlines of the day. Its admin also posts links to videos on the main channel and Coin Bureau clips, along with their own thoughts about them and which topics they are thinking of covering next. Coin Bureau takes elements from every other crypto telegram channel mentioned above and puts them all in one place albeit with slightly less detail. However, this depends on who you ask, because even though the admin only post a few times a day, their posts are quite long.

Link of Coin Bureau Insider:              https://t.me/cbinsider

Now, whatever crypto telegram channel you join, remember that it’s a wild west where anything could happen. So, long as you stay safe and stay objective the information you find may just lead to massive gains. 

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