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Consumables system review

The Consumables System Review (Private Label & Dropshipping On Steroids)

As an entrepreneur, I am always seeking innovative opportunities to tap into lucrative markets. Private label dropshipping, especially in the consumables industry has emerged as a promising frontier, offering a unique blend of profitability and sustainability.

And, in my efforts to gain an understanding of how to gain a foothold in this enticing new opportunity, I came across ‘The Consumable System,’ which will be the topic of my review today.

In this review, I will look at the Consumable System in detail, as well as explore the key facets of the consumables business generally, shedding light on its potential for aspiring entrepreneurs.

A comprehensive video training on the Consumable System is offered free of charge if you register today here. 

What are “Consumables”?

In the context of The Consumable System, “consumables” refer to products designed to be used up or exhausted over time.

These include food, beverages, beauty and personal care products, health supplements, or any other products meant for regular use and replenishment. 

So the Consumable System offers a unique approach to entering the market and creating a US-based dropshipping business that gives you an opportunity to earn substantial income. It actually combines elements of private labeling and dropshipping for high-quality, made-in-the-USA products.

8 Reasons To Start Private Labeling Consumable Products

The consumables business presents a compelling and lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs for several reasons:

1. Recurring Demand

Consumable products, by definition, are items designed for regular use and eventual replenishment. This recurring demand creates a steady and predictable revenue stream, in a soon-to-be trillion dollar industry, providing entrepreneurs a sustainable and lucrative business model.

Look at the enormous growth in just the U.S. Hair Accessories market segment of the consumables industry:

US hair accessories market

2. Sustainable Profit Opportunity

Consumables are a constant necessity in people’s lives, transcending seasonal trends or economic shifts. This perpetual demand provides a stable foundation for consumables business to flourish in any economic climate.

3. Repeat Business

One inherent advantage of the consumables business is its built-in customer retention model. This consistent demand creates a reliable customer base, ensuring ongoing revenue streams and fostering enduring relationships with consumers.

4. Diverse Product Range

Unlike niche markets subject to fluctuations, the consumables market is expansive and far-reaching. From breakfast cereals to personal care essentials, the myriad of consumables caters to diverse needs. This versatility ensures entrepreneurs have a broad spectrum to explore, minimizing the risks associated with market unpredictability.

5. Online Retail Opportunities

Online platforms provide a convenient and accessible way for consumers to purchase these products, enabling entrepreneurs to reach a broader audience.

6. Subscription Models

The subscription-based business model has gained popularity in the consumables sector. Subscription services offer convenience to customers while ensuring a predictable and consistent revenue stream for the business.

7. Innovation and Trends

The consumables market is dynamic, with room for innovation and adaptation to emerging trends. Entrepreneurs can capitalize on health and wellness trends, eco-friendly packaging, and other market shifts to stay relevant and attract a modern consumer base.

8. Fewer Barriers for Easier Sales

Launching a business in the consumables sector tends to encounter fewer barriers. With products already in demand and a market that understands their necessity, entrepreneurs face fewer obstacles in establishing their presence. This smoother entry into the market translates to easier sales and a quicker path to profitability.

If you’re curious about whether the consumables market is right for you, register now for a live Consumables System Training Webinar hosted by Jason Faldlien on 29th November, 2023 to gain vital insights into this unique opportunity.

Why You Need the Consumables System

There’s a good reason why I am encouraging you to register now for the training webinar.

Until now, it’s been nearly impossible to break into this super-lucrative market. The established companies and the government have purposefully kept regular people and small businesses from capitalizing on this highly profitable market.

But Jason will show you the one shortcut you need that will make this almost “unnaturally” easy for you, and bypass the normal complexities of generating income in this lucrative, reliable industry. He will tell you how US-based drop shipping and private labeling products can work.

This industry is going to hit a trillion dollars soon….and you’re already a part of it… without even knowing. Jason is going to peel back the curtain on this and show you how you can go from a consumer… to one of the select few who profits massively by doing so.

Kickstart Your Consumables Business Success Story With The Consumables System Training Today.

Comparison of the Consumable Business Model Vs the Rest

You might be thinking that this is just another drop-shipping or e-commerce opportunity. It is not.

Below I dissect the strengths and nuances of the consumables business against four other prevalent models, and show you why I think consumables win.

1. Consumables Business vs. E-Commerce

Consumables Business:

  • Strengths: Perennial demand, repeat business, and inherent customer loyalty.
  • Challenges: Reliance on supply chain efficiency, managing perishable goods.


  • Strengths: Diverse product offerings and global reach.
  • Challenges: Intense competition and fluctuating consumer trends.


While e-commerce provides a broad market, the consumables business capitalizes on recurring needs, ensuring steady customer retention.

2. Consumables Business vs. Subscription Models

Consumables Business:

  • Strengths: Inherent repeat business, established customer base.
  • Challenges: Continuous market innovation is required.

Subscription Models:

  • Strengths: Predictable revenue and strong customer loyalty.
  • Challenges: Maintaining perceived value and minimizing churn.


Both models focus on recurring revenue, but the consumables business offers a broader range of product categories.

3. Consumables Business vs. Solely Dropshipping

Consumables Business:

  • Strengths: Quality control and direct access to manufacturing.
  • Challenges: Managing inventory and potential for waste.


  • Strengths: Low upfront costs, wide product range.
  • Challenges: Quality control and longer shipping times.


While dropshipping emphasizes cost efficiency, the consumables business ensures quality and faster delivery.

4. Consumables Business vs. Traditional Retail

Consumables Business:

  • Strengths: Adaptability, online presence.
  • Challenges: Competition, evolving market trends.

Traditional Retail:

  • Strengths: In-person experience, established brand visibility.
  • Challenges: High operational costs and limited reach.


The consumables business leverages online channels for agility, while traditional retail relies on physical presence.

A Look into the Consumable System

Consumables is a tough business to crack without expert help. Personally, in my 35+ years of entrepreneurship, this was one of those areas I was never too keen to get into. The challenges I’ve outlined above have deterred many like me from the consumables business.

But that’s where “The Consumable System” by Jason Fladlian and Manuel Suarez is a game-changer and can be the perfect starting point to face the challenges of the consumables business.

Who is Manuel Suarez?

Manuel Suarez is a digital marketing guru, an entrepreneur, and the CEO of Attention Grabbing Media (AGM) and AGM Marketing Agency. He is one of the biggest Amazon earners of all time.

He has gained recognition for his expertise in social media marketing and e-commerce strategies and is on track to generate around $300 million this year alone.

Manuel Suarez is a thought-leader and provides insights through various platforms, including his YouTube channel. I follow him for advice on:

  • Growing E-commerce Businesses: Manuel shares his wealth of experience in e-commerce, offering practical advice on building and scaling successful online businesses. His insights into the nuances of platforms like Facebook and Instagram have proven invaluable for entrepreneurs, like me, seeking to leverage the power of social media for business growth.
  • Practical Marketing Strategies: Whether decoding the intricacies of Facebook advertising or unraveling the secrets of effective marketing campaigns, Manuel provides a transparent and insightful look into strategies that have contributed to his success. His practical approach resonates with both seasoned marketers and those new to the digital marketing arena.
  • Entrepreneurial Guidance: Beyond marketing tactics, Manuel Suarez delves into broader entrepreneurial topics, sharing lessons learned from his own journey. His motivational content inspires individuals to take bold steps in their entrepreneurial pursuits and overcome challenges with resilience.
  • Digital Marketing Trends: In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, staying updated is paramount. Manuel’s channel serves as a compass, guiding viewers through the latest trends, algorithm changes, and emerging technologies that shape the digital landscape.
Join Manuel and Jason live on “The Consumables System Training Webinar” on the 29th of November

Private Labeling Products Was Never This Easy

The Consumable System is a groundbreaking approach to entering the highly profitable consumables business.

This innovative system eliminates common roadblocks and “gatekeeping” issues entrepreneurs face, including inventory management (offering zero inventory cost), compliance, marketing strategies, and brand building.

It combines the best elements of private labeling and dropshipping for consumable products. The best thing: these products are proudly made in the USA and can be shipped anywhere within 2-3 days.

This unique blend of features sets The Consumable System apart from traditional e-commerce models, particularly in the consumables sector.


Access to a Trillion-Dollar Market

The Consumable System opens the door to the highly profitable trillion-dollar/year consumables market. Doing so eliminates the traditional gatekeeping factors that often impede entry into such lucrative spaces. This democratization of access empowers entrepreneurs to easily explore new sub-segments of the market, creating opportunities for diversification and growth.

Comprehensive Support and Expertise

The Consumable System isn’t just a course; it’s a comprehensive support system. Buyers gain access to tools, systems, shortcuts, and blueprints for their entire journey. The course creators, including Manuel Suarez and a team of seasoned professionals, bring a wealth of experience in building successful

Innovative Business Model

The fusion of private labeling and dropshipping, described as “private label on steroids,” sets The Consumable System apart. It promises a streamlined approach to entering various market sub-segments, providing a unique value proposition for businesses.

The Bottomline

The consumables business when aligned with private labeling products present a strategic and stable avenue for entrepreneurs if you can find a way in.

The perpetual demand, inherent customer loyalty, and reduced barriers make it an enticing space for those looking to build resilient and thriving incomes.

The Consumable System can be the difference for you between this venture being a success or a bust, and I for one can’t recommend it highly enough.

REGISTER NOW To Join Manuel and Jason live on “The Consumables System Training Webinar” on the 29th of November

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