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R100K Crypto Investment Platform Review [2024] – Haven for Bitcoin Enthusiasts or Scam?

This is my ongoing, comprehensive R100K review from my personal experience researching and investing in their program. Since it’s a unique crypto investment platform that utilizes human-in-the-loop AI trading, I want to give you the benefit of my research into its mechanics, management, and risks, which I did before I invested.

I will be updating this review regularly, so be sure to check back monthly to see R100K performance, under “UPDATES” below.

If you decide to participate in R100K and use the links on this page or my site, I can help you get started. Just contact me and I’ll be happy to help. The links give me a “thank you” bonus but don’t cost you anything. If my objective review helps you make an informed decision, my goal is achieved regardless of how you choose.

My investment is going very well but it’s important to understand the risks. Anything to do with blockchain and crypto carries certain risks and it’s important to understand those before putting your hard-earned money at play. I will be addressing these risks herein.

I’ll also be interviewing the CEO, Martin Lunger, regularly and posting those video interviews here in the UPDATE section and on my YouTube Channel.

I hope you find my R100K review useful in your assessment.

Let’s dive in…but first, some updates.


  • November 2023: R100K Performance +47.87%, Monthly average gains +13.96%
  • December 2023: R100K Performance +94.10%, Monthly average gains +16.64%
  • January 2024: R100K Performance +75.10%, Monthly average gains +11.84%
  • Febuary 2024: R100K Performance +83.23%, Monthly average gains +10.62%
  • March 2024: R100K Performance +146%, Monthly average gains + 13.75%
  • April 2024: R100K Performance +174%, Monthly average gains + 13.45%

Note: Performance metrics are price gains from inception (September 2023) and monthly average effective unrealized gains. 

A January 2024 discussion with R100K CEO Martin Lunger with an explanation and update on R100K, their success to date, risk factors, and growth plans.

An interview in early April 2024 discussing the performance of BTC, altcoins and subsequently, R100K. We also discuss the market sentiment around altcoins investing and how that relates to the April halving.


As a cautious pragmatist, I am always on the lookout for promising opportunities that can make residual profits while minimizing efforts and risks. I know that’s a pipe dream for many but it’s been mine for about 15 years and I’ve learned a lot along the way. 

In this comprehensive review, I will be sharing everything I have learned during my investigation of R100k as one such opportunity as well as my ongoing experience as having invested in and pacing R100K’s progress.

My aim is to provide you with all the important details you need for making an informed decision regarding the intricate mechanics, management, inherent risks, and profit potential  associated with R100K.

It’s been through honest reviews like mine here that has really helped me accomplish my goals over the years. I want to return the favor and share that experience and help you avoid the heartburn from making bad decisions and not doing proper due diligence. 

In return, if you choose to join the community and use my links to become a member, I’ll receive a thank-you bonus. If you choose not to participate, I will have accomplished my goal of providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision. I am happy either way.

I will update this review regularly, as I continue to use the platform, enabling readers to monitor my returns and stay informed about the goings on in this ever-evolving landscape of crypto.

What is R100K

R100K is short for the road for bitcoin (BTC) to reach the coveted $100K price point, i.e. R100K. 

Along the way there are huge gains to be made by those who have been holding (hodling) bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, called altcoins, through the crypto winter that began in December of 2021. It reached a low of $16,683 in November of 2022, from its high in November 2021 of over $65,000. As of November 2023, bitcoin is at about $36,000 … on the road to $100K. 

Last Bitcoin Bull Cycle 2019 – 2021

That kind of volatility is not for the faint of heart. But that volatility is the dream of traders of all types, from stock and bonds, to equities and commodities…and crypto. It’s the fuel for massive gains for experienced traders, and the bane of existence for those who dabble in it without the stomach and skill to master it.

Having been through four of these “winters,” I realize they are not as cold and brutal as I once thought because we can look forward to a crypto springtime, which always follows. 

Evidence of these springtimes is the fact that, despite crypto’s extreme volatility, bitcoin is the highest performing asset class since its inception 15 years ago in 2009. Literally, no other asset class can make that claim, not equities, bonds, real estate, commodities, precious metals… nothing.

And the rapid rise between the deep troughs of crypto winters and the peaks that always follow can be mind-dizzyingly exhilarating and profitable for the savvy trader. For example, the last two major cycles:

January 2019 $3,046 BTC

November 2021 $67,611 BTC 

Total gain: 22.19x

December 2015 $692 BTC

December 2017 $19,344

Total gain: 27.95x

Using a 20x factor for bitcoin’s last low of $16,683 in November of 2022, we could anticipate a high of about $333,660 before the next winter hits. 

Looking at the time frames of the last two cycles of about 24 months, and having bought bitcoin at $16,683, that’s a net gain of $316,977 by about November of 2024. Whether that happens or not is a different story I will tell after it happens. My crystal ball is a bit dusty.

Bitcoin Bull Cycles 2016 – 2023

When I understood that the R100K platform’s historical record is predicting 2.43x over bitcoin, I became quite motivated to explore deeper.

The caveat that past performance is no guarantee of future results is valid when making any future predictions because no one can predict the future accurately. However, as Mark Twain quipped, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does often rhyme.” 

For my purposes in the markets, I get excited about the symmetry and poetry of bitcoin’s spectacular rises and falls, because buying in the trenches is where the equally spectacular gains are made when bitcoin hits new highs.

But my purpose here is not to convince you that investing in bitcoin and altcoins are worth your hard earned money. I assume you already have the belief that bitcoin will rise and you’re looking for the best place to park your cash to take advantage of the gains that are inevitably realized. Hence, my interest in R100K.

How is R100K Different than Just Investing in Bitcoin

One of R100K’s key features is the human-in-the-loop AI-driven algorithm that powers its investment strategy. AI’s ability to spot opportunities and trade with unmatched speed, accuracy, and efficiency optimizes R100k’s portfolios for maximizing returns.

However, for all its sizzle, AI still needs a human with advanced trading skills, market and economic savvy, and intuition to ensure strategic diversification and rebalancing to reduce risk and maximize gains.

We can’t forget that there are humans guiding and conversing with powerful AI tools like ChatGpt, Bard, and Asure. Those humans in the loop are vital for AI to succeed with any given task.

And it’s that seamless partnership between AI and R100K’s expert human analysts that outperforms bitcoin’s returns. Look at the UPDATE section above to see this partnership’s success.

R100k’s human-in-the-loop AI trading technology allows for lightning fast trading action, taking advantage of bitcoin and altcoin’s volatility for maximizing gains. And simultaneously performing real-time diversification and rebalancing strategies exploiting and profiting from the differences in price action between a variety of different cryptocurrencies.

These results would be impossible for a human trader to accomplish alone.

R100K’s Crypto Diversification and Rebalancing Strategy

Diversification is a golden rule of successful investing, which stems from the age-old wisdom that placing all your eggs in one basket will always put you at greater risk regardless of how strong the asset you invest in has proven to be. You can count on markets to be unpredictable because they are driven by two basic human emotions: greed and fear.

So rather than just investing in bitcoin, diversifying into altcoins opens up doors to higher returns but also, normally, increases risks because altcoins are notoriously volatile, even more so than bitcoin.

The AI-backed model employed at R100K automatically diversifies its crypto portfolios across a variety of altcoins showing signs of a breakout. The purpose of diversifying investments is to take advantage of these market shifts and occasions when newly launched coins take on steep climbs.

Currently, in addition to bitcoin, R100K’s crypto currency portfolio trades and rebalances about 80 altcoins, from Etherium to Doge, from Sol to Sand, and many I’ve never heard of. 

In my own portfolio, I trade or hodl about 30 coins, which is a giant, time-consuming task. Which is also why I am always evaluating automated trading bots, which is how I happened across R100k’s unique system. I’d rather someone with a better system than mine do all that trading and rebalancing so I can spend more time golfing and skiing. I play in the markets for money, not for fun. 

I believe this is another facet of R100K’s uniqueness – with this focus on short-term gains, their AI cyrpto trading bot takes exceptional advantage of profit maximization offered by the volatile crypto market that most other investing platforms ignore. Diversifying with altcoins broadens your horizons and enhances the potential for consistent profit. But how do they mitigate risks with such volatility?

This is where rebalancing comes into the picture.

Rebalancing means readjusting a portfolio of assets to match original asset allocation, risk tolerance, and financial gain objectives.

R100K’s strategy is constantly moving in and out of various crypto assets – rebalancing – to align with its goals and in the process outperforming bitcoin’s rise to $100K. So that based on historical data, R100K’s performance will exceed bitcoin’s by 2.43x.

R100K Backtest of 2019-2022 Bullish Period:

Red = Bitcoin | Green = R100K

In other words, with R100K, investing $20,000 when bitcoin is at $36,000, could potentially balloon to about $145,800 when bitcoin reaches $100,000, leveraging the historical 2.43x gain over BTC. If you just invested in bitcoin, you’d gain $64,000. With R100K realizing its potential, your gain would be $125,800. 

Once I understood this profit potential and their novel investment strategy and system, did my due diligence, then when I saw the gains in the two-months I was watching R100K performance, I decided to invest and join them on the road to $100,000 bitcoin.

>> Get Started Today Here: R100K <<

Is R100K a Scam or a Legitimate Crypto Investment Platform 

Please understand that I am not a financial advisor and nothing I offer here should be considered financial advice. Even though I am sharing the approach I took to make my decision, I strongly encourage you to perform your own due diligence.

Consider what I offer here is one man’s perspective for you to add to your own critical examination of R100k. Your own vetting is crucial because all financial markets are rife with scam artists and crypto is no different.

Here is what I did to examine R100K before I invested:

– I researched the company. Since they are a new start-up, I wasn’t able to find much on the Web. In fact, when I first searched “R100K” I only found electrical potentiometers since that seems to be a popular model number for such devices. Since I’m not averse to start up operations, having done a number of them myself over my 40+ years in technology and human potential enterprises, I dug deeper. Eventually I began seeing press about R100K and their site showing in Google search. They have a growing number of reviews, which they respond to timely, and a Trust Pilot rating of 4.0.

– I researched the team and especially the founder and CEO, Martin Lunger.  Found no ghosts in the closet for Martin’s hand-picked team, who all seemed quite capable and experienced to pull off this program. I was pleased to discover that Martin hails from law enforcement in Germany. 

I found out that Martin is a dynamic entrepreneur whose journey into the cryptocurrency sector is nothing short of inspiring. Born in a serene village in South Tyrol, Germany, Martin’s journey has had several ups and downs before he built on his passion for cryptocurrency and established R100K. Martin’s early years were defined by a passion for sports and a deep-seated aspiration for building a career in law enforcement, which led him to the police force in 2010, where he steadily climbed the ranks. 

His experiences as a law enforcement officer endowed him with the invaluable qualities I look for in startup management like patience, personability, resilience, integrity, powerful presence and character, adherence to rules and regulations, making high-stakes decisions on the go, and a deep sense of fairness.

Martin told me during my initial interview with him that the seeds for his venture into the crypto realm were sown in 2017 when he faced financial challenges. Martin told me he was inspired by the birth of his twin boys to finally pursue opportunities in bitcoin investing. With the combined effect of a growing family and his wife’s new business abroad, Martin quit his career in law enforcement and invested all his time and efforts in turning his idea for R100K into a reality.

Martin is a real, straight-shooting dude, absolutely committed to R100k’s success. I got this from my interviews and the ability to look into his eyes and see his genuine character and happy disposition and personality. I like the guy.

I’ll be recording multiple interviews with Martin on the journey to $100k that you can watch in the UPDATE section of this review.

– I investigated the parent company, Digital Capital Growth Ltd., which is in Bulgaria, with R100K operations in South Cyprus. I was surprised to discover that Bulgaria is a major technology and IT hub and is at the forefront of the outsourcing boom in Europe. 

– I verified that R100K assets are securely and transparently maintained in a corporate Binance account, which undergoes monthly audits conducted by RSM, a prominent provider of audit, tax, and assurance services. The full audit reports are posted on their site as they become available in the Audits section.

RSM Audit Report Sample

– I found that R100K’s trading and rebalancing are conducted exclusively through limited API access. Their analysts and asset managers do not have the capability to access the funds, except for the purposes of rebalancing and trading. All funds remain on Binance until the end user initiates a withdrawal. Funds deposited by individual investors into their R100K account cannot be withdrawn by R100K personnel or any third-party entities at any time.

– I verified that R100K does NOT use leveraging in their trading strategy. Leverage means borrowing money to trade. With leverage, one can trade assets worth much more than they can actually pay for, which can amplify gains but comes with a significant amount of risk. Personally, I would never invest with leverage and never invest in a platform that uses leverage. Together with its corporate Binance account that secures my funds, R100k eliminates liquidation and leveraging risks.

– I messaged the company through their contact button before opening a free account to ensure they were a real operation. Got an email response and when I asked to speak with the CEO, Martin himself responded.

– I studied their terms & conditions, privacy policy, and risk disclaimer, all of which appeared to provide the legal and financial disclaimers, and complied with US and European data collection standards.

– I dove deep into their business model and trading strategies, and how their commitment to transparency is demonstrated by regular emails from Martin, their Discord and Telegram channels, and in the members area with near-real-time updates on performance, total investment pool, my balance and ROI, coins in the portfolio, and referral tracking.

– Looked at how their fees to fund operations worked and if they seemed sufficient to accomplish their goals.

– Watched all the videos and read the informative articles in their blog and verified all the info was accurate as stated.

– Studied their referral/partner program and why they structured it in that way. 

Based on the satisfactory outcomes from the above inquiries and their performance over bitcoin as they predicted, I decided to become a paying member and join them on the road to $100K.

R100K Referral Reward System & Fee Structure

All fees, rewards, payouts, and early withdrawal terms are transparently displayed on the R100K site and in their Terms & Conditions and Fees & Schedule pages. Even though I summarize them for you here, I suggest you read them yourself.

Referral Rewards

When you open a free R100K account you are automatically enrolled in their 7.5%, 4-level affiliate reward program, which pays out to your R100K balance:

Tier 1: 4.0%

Tier 2: 2.0%

Tier 3: 1.0%

Tier 4: 0.5%

Total: 7.5%

This means that if you refer a friend, you’ll get 4% of her deposits credited to your balance. If she refers a friend, you’ll get 2% of her friend’s deposit and she’ll get 4%, and so on, through the 4 tiers. 

As you recommend the R100K opportunity to various groups like cryptocurrency enthusiasts, bitcoin maximalists, marketers, and even conservative investor friends, you’ll access a broader audience. 

This increases your referral rewards and therefore your balance upon which R100K’s anticipated ~ 2.43X factor is applied. With the expansion of your network, your chances of earning greater returns also rise. 

Additionally, as you introduce more individuals and they, in turn, introduce others, you’ll experience a compounding effect in your earnings described by geometric progression, akin to a snowball growing larger as it rolls downhill.

In other words, if you refer three people who each refer three people for the 4 levels, your network upon which you are earning commissions grows to 81, all from just you referring 3 people.  

It’s a legal, brilliant system R100K has incorporated into its marketing plan that rewards members by benefiting them financially as R100K grows.

Profit Calculator

R100k is probably the only crypto affiliate program that offers investors and affiliates such a comprehensive profit calculator.

You can input information like your investment, the number of people you intend to invite, average deposite size and more to estimate how much money you can make with R100K once bitcoin reaches the 100K mark.

Operation/Management Fees

There is a one time cost of 7.5% of the inital deposite to maintain R100K’s referral program. Another 2.5% is charged forr operational/management fee deducted. This 2.5% is the only recurring annual charge.

R100K’s profit of 10% is taken from the gains when bitcoin reaches or exceeds $100,000 for a minimum of 10 days. Therefore, after $100K is achieved, 90% of the funds are dispersed to R100K holders within 30 days, and 10% is retained for R100K profits. 

Early Withdrawal Fees

Should you want to withdraw early, a fee of 15% applies. The process takes 7 days from submission of request. Pending withdrawal requests values are kept in R100K shares and converted to bitcoin using the latest R100K value at the moment of withdrawal. Funds are then sent, in bitcoin, to the wallet address specified by the user when the withdrawal was requested.

The withdrawal fee is much less than what conventional funds charge, but it would be prudent to deposit in your R100K account funds you can afford to hold until bitcoin reaches $100K.

While this is an indeterminable but estimable time frame, it’s one of the risk factors associated with the R100K program, which I address a bit later in this review.


R100K has also promised to reward HODLers by adding incentives as they hit certain milestones.

Milestone 1: $5 Million under management – Add more marketing materials for members to spread the word about R100K. Also, increase transparency of financial operations.

Milestone 2: $10 Million under management – Include live chat support for members, and add more deposit options and marketing materials.

Milestone 3: $25 Million under management. Car Lottery or $80,000 Cash Prize for one lucky funded member. The car investors can win the breathtaking: Corvette C8 Stingray, customized to your chosen color and fully equipped. The car will be delivered to the lucky winner’s doorstep by Martin Lunger himself.

>> Get Started Today Here: R100K <<

When Will Bitcoin Reach $100K

Of course no one has a crystal ball that can accurately predict the future. Estimating when or even if  bitcoin will reach $100,000 requires some analysis of bitcoin’s historical price action and bull/bear cycles, among other influences. In my mind, there are three primary factors that have the potential to urge bitcoin past the $100K mark:

1. Bitcoin Past Cycles & Mass Adoption

As noted above, every significant dip in bitcoin over the last 15 years has been followed by a boom causing bitcoin to reach new, substantial highs, typically within 24 to 36 months. These boom cycles coincide with growing adoption as barriers to entry reduce and more use cases are introduced. Check out this graph by Cane Island Digital Research that compares the Internet’s adoption rate to bitcoin’s price: 

Internet Adoption Rate vs. Bitcoin Price

2. Bitcoin ETF and Institutional Investors

There are 12 spot-bitcoin ETF applications to the U.S. SEC from Grayscale, 21Shares & Ark, BlackRock, Bitwise, VanEck, Wisdomtree, Invesco & Galaxy, Fidelity, Valkyrie, Global X, Hashdex and Franklin. While not approved yet, a bitcoin ETF approval appears imminent. A bitcoin ETF will allow institutional investors, investment banks, pension funds, and hedge fund managers to hold bitcoin in substantial amounts. These entities have significant financial resources and can substantially impact bitcoin’s price.

Bitcoin ETF Headline

3. The Impact of Bitcoin Halving

The continued practice of bitcoin mining rates being reduced by one-half – the halving – is another significant factor that will keep the cryptocurrency’s future price moving in the positive direction. Bitcoin’s protocol dictates that mining rewards are cut by half every four years, reducing the number of new bitcoins entering circulation. This practice increases scarcity of bitcoin and continues to make it even more valuable in the long run. Check out this halving effect over time:

Bitcoin Halving Cycles

The 2024 halving will likely occur in April 2024. There is a small chance it will happen in either March or May. No one knows what effect it will have on bitcoins price short or long term, but past halvings resulted in a substantial increase in bitcoin’s price over time.

These three factors increased my confidence that bitcoin will eventually reach the $100K mark and justified my investment in R100K at a level I am comfortable with until it does. I will likely increase my stake in R100K as I see continued performance and movement toward $100K bitcoin. 

>> Get Started Today Here: R100K <<


While R100K is a young startup, they appear to be a legitimate operation, the CEO and team appear of high integrity and capable of increasing bitcoin returns through their human-in-the-loop ai crypto platform. The business model seems sound, they are regularly audited by an independent accounting firm, funds are secure and safe in a corporate Binance account that only end-users can access, and the market seems poised to reach the $100K goal within a reasonable timeframe. 

The R100K company and platform are transparent, functional, and fully licensed and regulated. 

Their referral reward program seems well-structured, with affiliate tracking that offers a way to increase your balance and thereby maximizing returns.

There are risks of course, and one should only deposit what they can afford to hodl until bitcoin reaches $100K.

Overall, R100K seems to be a solid opportunity to maximize crypto market  returns but should be considered high risk, like anything in crypto, and may not be suitable for risk averse individuals.

How Do I Get Started With R100K

If you’re ready to get started, open a free R100K account and follow the instructions for the KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements. Once you submit your documents, it’ll take a few days for approval. Be sure to check your spam folder for follow up emails and notifications.

Once your account is approved, you can transfer funds into your account. They have a $100 minimum for deposits. Bitcoin can be transferred directly to your R100K wallet, but they also support other coins, wire transfers, SEPA, Google and Apple Pay, and credit cards through partnerships with third-party providers.

Once your deposit is received, you will see the amount in pending deposits. It could take up to 72 hours to confirm your deposit and credit R100K shares to your balance.

You’ll notice initially a negative balance in the ROI field; this is because the 10% fee (7.5% referral fees and 2.5% operation/management fee) are deducted from your deposit. Within a week or so mine went positive as R100K gains offset the fees deduction.

If you use my links on this review or my site to register for R100K, I’ll be happy to help get you started. I’ll also work with you in effective ways to grow your affiliate network for more substantial gains. Just PM me and let me know. 

I hope you found value in my R100K review. Please find out more here at the R100K site.

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