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August 31, 2021

Difference Between Trading and Investing in Cryptocurrency

Trading and investing in cryptocurrency is similar to that of traditional finance. These are two different ways of earning a profit in the financial market. Investing in cryptocurrency means buying...
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Why are NFTs Gaining such Popularity and Momentum?

NFTs are gaining a lot of popularity recently. The NFTs gained massive momentum in 2020, especially in the gaming and art space.  As cryptocurrency is seen as the replacement of...
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What is a Meme Coin?

Why are They so Popular? Cryptocurrencies have a huge trend on social media; there has been a considerable jump in the population of meme coins. Nowadays, meme coins dominate the...
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Top 5 Low-Cap Cryptos and Why

Low-Cap cryptos make up a considerable part of the whole cryptocurrency market. Around 90% of the cryptocurrency market is comprised of low-cap cryptos. The list of low-cap cryptocurrencies is volatile...
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The Top 5 Mid-Cap Cryptos and Why

Mid-Cap cryptocurrencies usually lie in the top 10-50 places in the crypto market. The market cap of mid-cap cryptocurrencies varies between $1 billion to $15 billion. The list of these...
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Top 3 High-Cap Cryptos and Why

High Cap cryptos are those cryptocurrencies that have the highest market cap of the whole crypto market. High Cap cryptocurrencies usually comprise the top 10 crypto coins in the market....
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Risks and Rewards of Cryptocurrency Investing

The cryptocurrency market is the latest ongoing trend in the financial market. One significant aspect of cryptocurrency is investing in it as a digital asset. Along with all of its...
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Why Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

Since the launch of the first cryptocurrency, it has completely changed the financial market. People from the financial market are accepting the benefits of cryptocurrency over traditional currency. Investors and...
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How Cryptocurrencies are Different from Other Currencies

A Basic Understanding for Newbies People are calling cryptocurrency the most significant advancement in the world after the internet. It made such a major impact in the financial industry and...
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