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Top 5 Low-Cap Cryptos and Why

Low-Cap cryptos make up a considerable part of the whole cryptocurrency market. Around 90% of the cryptocurrency market is comprised of low-cap cryptos. The list of low-cap cryptocurrencies is volatile and keeps on changing due to multiple factors that we will discuss later in this article.

Below are the top 5 low-cap cryptos in the market and why they have a low market cap. We will also be discussing why this list constantly changes.

1. Docademic (MTC)

Docademic is a platform with a free basic healthcare app, which is available digitally to the world. It is offering its services in around 20 countries. One of its prominent features is that it stores patients’ data on storage space protected by blockchain, making it highly secure. 

The Docademic platform uses its own token, MTC as a method of payment. It is a low-cap coin because it is new and does not have vast applications. 

  • Current Price: $0.003
  • Market Cap: $2.9 million

2. Holochain (HOT)

Holochain is a platform that allows users to create peer-to-peer applications. One of its major selling points is its ability to make efficient and secure apps that provide great results compared to the latest blockchain-based apps. Holochain has its cryptocurrency known as HOT, which was initially launched in 2018. 

  • Current Price: $0.01
  • Market Cap: $1.7 billion

3. Blockstack (STX)

Blockstack is a decentralized computing platform dependent on blockchain innovation that permits its clients to control their data. With the help of Blockstack, the user decides which data to share and whom to share it with. 

The name of their cryptocurrency is STX, and it is among one of the best low-cap cryptocurrency projects to invest in. 

  • Current Price: $1.3
  • Market Cap: $1.6 billion

4. Siacoin (SIA)

Siacoin is a cryptocurrency used as a payment method for the Sia network, which is a decentralized cloud-based storage system that lets users rent cloud space, which can be used to store data. It also allows people to rent out their own spare hard drive space to earn rewards. 

Siacoin is among one of the best low-cap cryptocurrencies that have the potential to reach the high-cap market. 

  • Current Price: $0.02
  • Market Cap: $998 million

5. Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK)

Terra Virtua Kolect is a cross-platform market for the NFT creators and collectors to buy or sell non-fungible tokens (NFT). This platform is available on the web, PC, and smartphones. 

This platform has its cryptocurrency called TVK. This platform is a reasonably new marketplace, which is why its cryptocurrency is in the low-cap market. 

  • Current Price: $0.29
  • Market Cap: $160 million

Why Does the Low-Cap Crypto List Constantly Changes?

The Low-Cap crypto market is full of new emerging cryptocurrencies or altcoins. Some low-cap coins grow and quickly reach the mid-cap or high-cap markets, while other currencies experience exponential decline because of various factors like pump-and-dump, scams, founders running away, etc. That is why the low-cap cryptos list constantly changes.

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