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Top 3 High-Cap Cryptos and Why

High Cap cryptos are those cryptocurrencies that have the highest market cap of the whole crypto market. High Cap cryptocurrencies usually comprise the top 10 crypto coins in the market. High Cap cryptocurrencies are the most stable and useful coins and have the most impact on the crypto market. 

This article shall explain the top 3 high-cap cryptocurrencies and the reason for their high market cap.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is a high-cap cryptocurrency with the highest market cap in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009, and it was created by an anonymous figure called Satoshi Nakamoto. It has been built on blockchain technology, which is the driving force behind all cryptocurrencies. 

The initial price of Bitcoin was $0; however, in July 2010, it began trading at a price range of $0.0008 and $0.08 per coin. Since then, until now, the price of one Bitcoin has grown over 8,900%. It has the biggest price jump of an asset in the history of the financial market.

The reason for Bitcoin’s popularity is its innovation that started the cryptocurrency trend. Besides being the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin’s outstanding features are why it is still on the top. It has a limited amount of only 21 million coins that can be mined. 

Public influence from influential figures like Elon Musk also plays a huge role in the Bitcoin being a high cap coin.

  • Market Cap of BTC: $911.8 billion
  • All-time High Price: $64.8k
  • Current Price: $48.8k

2. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is a computing platform that runs on blockchain technology. After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the second biggest cryptocurrency according to the market cap. Ethereum has two main objectives; firstly, it acts as money, and secondly, Ethereum can be a store of value. 

The cryptocurrency associated with Ethereum is called Ether (ETH). The initial value of the Ethereum coin was only $2.77.

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency as it intends to provide a platform to build Smart Contracts and Decentralized Apps (DApps). One of the major reasons for such a high market cap is for its exceptional platform to build apps on, where these apps can revolutionize the internet.

  • Market Cap of ETH: $376.6 billion
  • All-time High Price: $4.1k
  • Current Price: $3.3k

3. Cardano (ADA) 

Cardano is an open-source platform based on blockchain. It provides a platform for building and executing decentralized protocols like Smart Contracts. ADA is its cryptocurrency based on the Cardano platform. ADA coin was first introduced in 2015, and since its launch, it has gained massive hype and slowly made its way to the top cryptocurrencies. 

This high-cap crypto coin is among the top grossing currencies due to multiple factors. One of the primary reasons for the price hike is its sustainability factors, which has attracted large companies to participate because of low environmental risks. 

Another reason for its prevalence is that it supports a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol, which is less resource-intensive than the Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocol that Bitcoin uses.

  • Market Cap of ADA: $88 billion
  • All-time High Price: $2.9
  • Current Price: $2.7

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