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NFT Airdrop – A Detailed Guide on How to Get in Early for NFT Collections

A long and enriched history of NFT Airdrops can also be seen at the start days of the blockchain-cryptocurrency business. It has been a tradition of projects to give away free tokens as a source of their promotion. You can earn money by performing small tasks, i.e., tweeting and referring it to your friends.

Airdrops refer to a great way of joining the cryptocurrency market without any investment with few exceptional cases. Missing out on the freebies is frequently possible via time-limited tokens. Here, the Airdrop Alert makes its way down. NFT is an asset’s digital representation on blockchain that is not possible to be traded for another. The list includes gaming assets, crypto-collectibles, and digital art. The rapid evolvement and evolution of technology have initiated the possibility of many options due to which NFTs are now more valuable. Some of its parts are also reaching millions of dollars.

How Much Can be Made with an NFT Airdrop?

In the virtual world, NFTs are a common currency, and it is a piece of cake to enter this world. The NFT series will gift you free NFTs and airdrop NFTs in your crypto wallet when you enter the community. However, you need to own any asset to be eligible for the Airdrop.

There was much more chance in the early days of cryptocurrencies. Eligibility of an Airdrop was possible if you owned Bitcoin or Ethereum. BTCH holders achieved Bytesball and Stellar as an airdrop. Airdrops like Tron and OMG were given to Ethereum holders.

Serums Airdrop of Bored Apes for Mutant Apes

About more than 10,000 “Mutant Serum” bottles were provided (MAYC) to the owners of Bored Apes (BAYC). The project’s task was also to divide three Mutant Serums (M1, M2, and M3) at the random Mega Mutant. A Mutant Ape is created whenever a serum vial is consumed. The author has depicted that “It is only possible to utilize one serum on one monkey at a time,” making each Mutant Ape unique.

Bungalows NFT Airdrop of Lazy Lions

Lazy Lions are the collection of almost 10.1K randomly made NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. All Lazy Lions holders will be rewarded with almost 10,000 Lazy Lions bungalows. The NFT holder airdrops are accessible toll 2 October 2021. It is achievable to mint the Lazy Lion for free if you already have one before the snapshot.

Meebits Airdrop of CryptoPunks

CryptoPunks was generated in 2017 to wipe off the NFT movement from the cryptocurrency world. CryptoPunks and Meebits owners established by Larva lab finally initiated an NFT Holder Airdrop. Those who early took part in this conductance were rewarded with a token of appreciation. A grant from the game’s developers was given to the owners of CryptoPunks.

From Where to Buy the NFT Collection?

Artists can sell their work and get royalties from their clients quickly using NFTs. NFTs are a technique for investors who believe in the technology and digital world. This collection intersects with cryptocurrency enthusiasts to support the digital art collection and different artists.

If you are also interested in making a start, we are mentioning a few famous marketplaces and their offerings for merchants and customers.


Foundation is an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace that was created in 2021. It is an NFT that deals with the sales of memes on the Internet. Nyan Cat, Pak- finite record, and working of Aphex Twin, Edward Snowden, and Nadya Tolokonnikova have been stored there since the foundation’s inauguration held in February 2021.

Featured artists and hot auctions are displayed at the top of the screen, along with a grid of individual artist cards. Foundation is an invite only NFT marketplace for different collectors and creators. It is the largest NFT marketplace on the web. To mint, the NFTs, NFT creators must have an invite code. Moreover, that invite code is only sent to the members who have sold at least one NFT on the platform.


SuperRare performs banking on the blockchain network and enables a digital platform for artists to create and tokenize the art in the form of SuperRare NFT.  One can sell and purchase single-edition digital artwork on SuperRare. It has an Instagram format with a grid of windows displaying the artwork and depicting its sale price, list price, and current auction time.

SuperRare digital art accessed by SuperRare can be sold, bought, or stored for long-term investment purposes.  The sold NFT can be resold to other NFT traders on various trading platforms at whatever price the buyer demands. It is a trafficked site and has chosen a group of companies and artists, including The Time Magazine cover, sold for $300,000.


It is a two-sided marketplace for selling and buying NFTs, akin to eBay, founded by Mark Cuban and Marc Benioff’s time ventures. MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet service developed on Zilliqa blockchains and Ethereum. 

Mintable allows you to convert digital content like PNG, JPEG, and PDF files into digital items, including NFTs, held on the blockchain. It includes books, novels, images, music, and complex digital files like Blender and AutoCAD.

What is Meant by an NFT Whitelist?

When we talk about the NFT realm, the whitelisting term comes from the area of cybersecurity and IT that refers to the list of “allow” or “safe.” At first, future NFT mint’s pre-approval is achieved by getting a crypto wallet address whitelisted for a future mint (drop).

There are higher chances for public Ethereum to be whitelisted in most NFTs. Whitelisting is the procedure of getting the Ethereum address approved from the NFT project team to the mint NFTs at a specific time.

The specific time is chosen as an opportunity for whitelisted addresses. NFTs can be minted at any time through a pre-decided 48-hour window. Here, we will discuss the two common reasons for whitelisting being commonly employed:

  • NFT initiative’s early supporters will be rewarded.
  • You can avoid “gas war.”

Gas war happens when many people try to mint NFTs simultaneously. The already approved users spread out their mints by not transacting all of them simultaneously. It ultimately avoids a quick spear at the transaction prices.

When many NFT projects are created in a single week, the project team figures out how to reward early backers. There is another way to do this by allowing the early supporters to mint the NFTs before the live process of the project starts.

To be whitelisted means that the person has gone through the prerequisites given by the NFT project team by getting the Ethereum address approved to mint a specific NFT at an exact time. The NFT whitelist assurances the mint spot too early supporters and provides a reduced NFT price.

In addition, the whitelist can provide a low NFT price to supporters and ensure them a location for producing their coins. This will initiate the supporters to stay motivated and spread the news of initiated in their circles. If any NFT influencer becomes aware of your campaign, you can get a great benefit as he will spread the initiative to the whole world.

How to Get an NFT Airdrop?

Here is a comprehensive guide to getting started with crypto airdrops. You need to follow various social media accounts before receiving a free airdrop. A new cryptocurrency for ICO, STO, and IEO is also being formed. Joining a telegram group is the simplest way to get an airdropped bitcoin.

When the task is completed, an airdropped is automatically distributed after a short time. The token might be available on the exchange after a few months. You need to be patient with the process by believing that you will never be left empty-handed.

The Best Crypto Wallets for NFT Airdrop?

You can achieve free cryptocurrency airdrops by following some basic actions. You will need a few cryptocurrency wallets to start the process. Airdrops are not limited to Ethereum as there are other accessible blockchains.


A Russian-Canadian teenager invented Ethereum. Ethereum is a worldwide software platform with no host; developers are making thousands of applications based on the blockchain. ERC-20 tokens are the popular ones, which is why it is advised to set up an ether wallet to receive the airdrops.

Ethereum provides easy banking to everyone on the globe. You only need an internet service to access Ethereum and its lending and borrowing processes. Ethereum is a peer-to-peer network and allows people to transfer money and make agreements directly. 

This means that the applications can be used without any need for a company. Ethereum has become expensive in the last three years because of its popularity. Moreover, the popularity resulted in the rocketed amount of computational power used by the validators. These factors made it possible to introduce Ether 2.0.


Stellar is an open-source payment technology having similar features to Ripple. The collaboration with the Blockchain resulted in the conduct of a massive XLM airdrop. However, you need to create a wallet before receiving the airdrop. But we are not sure if the blockchain wallet will accept stellar-based tokens.

It is achievable if you have a Stellar wallet. The StellarPort is a web wallet for a stellar-based currency that can be used online. Stellar offers an interesting opportunity for those traders who want to diversify their holdings from bitcoin.

Stellar is a Consensus Protocol (SCP) that develops the market through its multiple use cases in money emittances and bank loan delivery to the unbanked. Stellar works in the manner of the most decentralized payment technologies. It has decentralized servers with a ledger that updates on different nodes after every 2 to 5 seconds.


Airdrops and stablecoins have suggested that now is the right time to construct a wallet on the NEO network. You can locate a simple web wallet that supports NEP-5 airdrops.

After setting up the wallet, you can also partake in the Novem Gold airdrop and receive your first free NEP-5 tokens. The NEO vault cards are similar to bank accounts with increased supply items and credit ratings. The NEO NFT project claims to create a safe community for its members to earn additional money while gaining access to the metaverse.

Where to Find New Airdropping NFT Collections?

Besides supporting the digital artists and providing full ownership, NFTs can also transfer money. The profitable NFRs right now are CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks, but the rare ones can cost you millions of dollars.

To locate the greater NFTs to avoid the non-fungible tokens, you will have to research and find some correct NFT tools.


CryptoSlam is a private company, so you cannot buy a publicly traded stock. This powerful tool is significant for market analysis. This simple yet influential interface helps the users find NFT collections based on the trade volume.

CryptoSlam provides a different and specific website for each NFT. It also ranks the digital art upon its rarity grading.


It is another website that collects the real-time data of NFT arts and collectibles highly favored by creators and art collectors. Rarity collates and grades the digital art by following the order of their rarity and prioritizing new projects. Rarity.Tools are also ideal for checking upcoming NFT projects, which help identify new NFT collections ahead of their sale and mint. Rarity.Tools is a user-friendly tool along with free use platform. It ranks the art according to its rarity score and makes quick lists.


OpenSea is the world’s largest NFT marketplace, and you can think of OpenSea as the eBay of digital objects. Everybody online needed a metaverse – virtual space to create and own, where NFTs have a significant part. OpenSea is a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace with a user interface layer between consumers and blockchain. With OpenSea, you can create and set up an NFT collection easily. OpenSea supports many kinds of NFTs with multichain support, including Ethereum and Polygon.


With NFT art selling in billions, it is not surprising why billionaires are jumping on this trend. NFT marketplace is expanding with time, and airdrops are a prominent way to join the cryptocurrency market easily.

The article provides a depiction of an NFT airdrop, places to buy the NFT collection, and how to find new airdropping NFT collections.

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