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6 Best Metaverse Blockchain Games Becoming the Next Crypto Market Sensation

As the world is constantly progressing in virtual reality, Metaverse is making its place in digital and NFT markets. The reason behind its success is its ability to overlay the digital and physical world in many sectors like entertainment, sports, and socialization.

For the past few years, economists have been predicting how Metaverse will change the market and business trends with their blockchain technology. The new metaverse trends will modify virtual reality business strategies and advertising policies. Similarly, metaverse blockchain games are another big trendsetter in the digital world, as many NFT projects are providing various opportunities to the world to explore and expand their businesses.

This article will talk about the top 6 metaverse blockchain games that will soon make headlines due to their explicit features and incentives.

1.    Sandbox

Sandbox is the metaverse blockchain gaming platform where users can play and create interesting games and earn through their Ethereum technology. It comprises three important components that make the user experience easy and friendly. The components are VoxEdit, Marketplace, and game maker, which collectively helps the user secure their created content.

VoxEdit is an amazing tool through which you can create 3D objects such as humans, animals, or any other objects with the help of their multiple tools. You can create many digital art pieces through it and can export them to the marketplace of Sandbox. This NFT marketplace is the platform where users can publish, sell and buy digital assets. The third component is a game maker that lets users build their games without coding for free. All components combined make this gaming platform enjoyable, but users can earn many incentives through their virtual technology.

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2.    MyNeighborAlice

MyNeighborAlice is another gaming platform for crypto lovers and users who enjoy adventures. This is a multiplayer platform from which users can socialize and buy plots on an island with their innovative creations. Here players can use different items that are represented by NFT tokens. It provides the perfect opportunity for players to explore different islands and interact with each other. As items are NFT tokens, they are limited, and users will be required to perform different activities to gather points.

The features of MyNeighborAlice include a lending economy from which users can lend or borrow their NFT tokens. The smart contracts used in the technology make the whole procedure secure to get back their NFT tokens on time. The second feature is staking, through which users can earn yields by staking their NFT tokens. Another unique feature is blockchain-based in-game assets from which users can earn stake profits by their inbuilt game currency.

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3. Illuvium

Illuvium is another revolutionary metaverse game that keeps users entertained and helps them earn maximum profits. For this game, firstly, players need to fight with Iluvials, and by winning over them, they become loyal and help players achieve their goals. Players can also enjoy the 3D environment, which will provide a real-world experience. To make this experience even better, this gaming platform uses immutable X, through which players can trade their NFT token with minimum fees.

Another option is to sell your NFT token by auctioning them on Illuvium DEX, which only charges a 5% fee. To use this gaming platform, you can download Iluuvium and play metaverse games by following a certain mechanism.

ILV Price and Market Stats

4.    Ultra

If you want to interact with your friends in a comfortable environment and compete in different contests, then Ultra is the best metaverse gaming platform. Players can access multiple applications from the same place and enjoy live streaming services and gaming experiences. It also provides an opportunity for the NFT marketplace as Ultra is connected with many mainstream companies that use blockchain technology to earn profits.

Users can easily create accounts on Ultra, and after signing up, they can entertain themselves with gaming and entertainment experiences. Ultra makes sure that users don’t need to worry about the security of their accounts, as with the help of AMD, they made recovery solutions easier. The key token of Ultra is UOS which is the required token for the ecosystem to buy and purchase NFT items.

Another important component is Ultra Power, a set of blockchain producers that helps in safe and secure transactions. By the start of 2021, Ultra is officially trying to introduce itself to the public. Developers can create games and can later publish them on the application, which is Ultra Games Dev Center. Each game published will be an NFT item, and developers can trade them. So Ultra is an excellent platform as an NFT marketplace as it provides many features and is decentralized.

UOS Price and Market Stats

5.    Decentraland

Decentraland, as from the name, is a decentralized platform secured by blockchain technology that uses NFT items to build LAND as an asset. This project began in 2015 and had two major components parcels of LAND and MANA. Parcels of LAND is a non-fungible asset, whereas MANA is a fungible currency used in blockchain transactions.

In 2016, this platform was progressed to the 3D virtual world where the team of Decentraland decided to make their parcels accessible to the users. As the servers are not centralized, the players must host the servers to support the projects in Decentraland. Another exquisite feature of this platform is DAO which owns smart contracts and control assets. Additionally, DAO is powered by Security Advisor Board for all the technicalities of smart contracts.

MANA Price and Market Stats

6.    Star Atlas

Star Atlas is the unique metaverse game that promises to be an adventurous ride in a space fantasy. Star Atlas generates its revenue through mining which is trading NFT items. This mining further opens other branches to create opportunities for the players.

In this gaming platform, players can manually mage their spaceships by exploring different mechanics of games. The metaverse blockchain technology will allow players to use flights and multifunctional buttons with virtual reality displays. For the fundraising of Star Atlas, there will be five phases required. The first phase, which is Galatic Asset Offering, has begun to buy ships and collectibles. Other phases are also planned that will be released at the decided time.

To earn yield and incentives, players can use this platform as a marketplace where they can lend their crypto assets. Users can also build their income through blockchain technology by mining and selling their items on this marketplace.

ATLAS Price and Market Stats


As discussed earlier, Metaverse blockchain technology is widening new horizons for the digital and physical world. So to generate revenue with entertainment on NFT marketplaces, these gaming platforms powered by virtual reality are an excellent option.

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